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Still Crazy After All These Years

Thank you for stopping by Yippee Cafe, we hope you'll hitch your wagon here. Yippee Cafe celebrates the amazing work farmers are doing around the world producing incredible coffee. Each month our Yippee Subscrippee will feature an 8oz bag of fresh roasted coffee from a new producer. 

This subscription forward model allows us to pay a premium for green coffee and scale up alongside our community of subscribers.

As far as our green buying program,  we are focused on coffee that is produced with sustainable practices. We want to share with you coffees that producers are excited to share.

It's all about fun for us at Yippee Cafe. Connect with us on Instagram for fun videos and content about our coffee releases. Follow our Spotify page for monthly playlists perfect for that Saturday morning brew.

Brew on, Little Dogies

-Mike W. Archibald

Archie Goes Country

Having introduced Yippee Cafe, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mike Archibald and I am the owner of Yippee Cafe. I was born in Southern California but grew up in the Town of Danville in Northern California.

Growing up in Danville was great, skateboarding around the suburbs and hiking around the hills and creeks that made up our little town. Downtown Danville when I was growing up had a specific pervasive scent, burnt toast. It wasn't until years later while living in New York City chasing a career in cooking that I learned the origin of that smell was super dark roasted coffee.

I truthfully wasn't a huge coffee drinker until I moved to New York City . I found myself working two jobs with a half a day off, slamming illy automatic espresso left and right. One of the things that I felt held me back early as a cook in New York was my lack of a formal culinary education. One of my chef's at my first restaurant gig in the city gifted me a copy of "On Food and Cooking" by Harold Magee. The chef told me "If you have any questions don't ask me just look in the book but don't read on the line".


"On Food and Cooking" is an incredible resource for any person who wants to learn a bit more about their food on a molecular and historical level. I immediatly got distracted by the coffee section.

In the book, Magee reflects how simple coffee roasting is at its core and that with an oven, some green coffee, and a sheet tray anyone could roast coffee at home. The warehouse I was squatting in at the time was right around the corner from an outpost of Porto Rico Importing so I bought some green coffee, cranked my oven up super high with a sheet tray in it and let it rip.

Thank god we didn't have smoke alarms because I caused on hell of a scene. Smoke from roasted coffee is thick, oily and heavy. The whole warehouse smelled like burnt toast and I was hooked. We had few rules at the warehouse, number one being "don't answer the door if you didn't invite anyone over", I am proud to have been a part of the latest rule "no roasting coffee".

Coffee and coffee roasting became an itch for me going forward in my cooking career. As I began to progress and excel in the kitchen as well as staying up late at the bar with my crew I began to want a way out and to make a career change.

That itch that started in 2011 has lead me to back and forth across the country from New York to San Diego to Colorado and now Kansas. Everything I was fortunate to experience in food and in coffee, the joy of sending out an incredible dish to pulling a gorgeous shot of espresso, I hope comes through in every package we send out at Yippee Cafe.

A lot abut living, a little about roasting

Moving around a lot in my 20s molded a lot of what we are doing at Yippee Cafe. I wanted to have a coffee brand that wasn't tied to a specific region with language and imagery that was relatable to all kinds of folks. We pull influences from music and films ranging from Jimmie Rodgers to Shorty's Skateboards "Fulfill the Dream" because if someone comes across our page or our instagram and they relate on any level then we are doing our job.

It's not all about the imagery though, the quality of the coffee we ship monthly is the backbone to everything. I want the coffees that show up monthly to be individualistic and unique. I want the first or third sip of a coffee from Yippee Cafe to be qualitatively great. It's our goal that a coffee drinker with a super experienced palate to a coffee drinker who gets their coffee preground and adds creamer to taste a brew and say "Wow this coffee is really great."

We don't roast dark or roast light, we roast our coffee at Yippee Cafe to be the best representation of the fruit that is produced at origin. We want a roast that the producers or the folks working on the farm would be proud of.


Yippee Cafe is a produced by YIPPEE LLC

840 Delaware St Unit 8, Office 7,  Lawrence Kansas 66044

We sell coffee and coffee related merchandise, not alcohol.


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